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Pineapple Shaped Cookies

About Us

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to spread the spirit of Aloha around the world with gourmet cookies made in Hawaii. Each of our cookies is baked daily, made with the finest ingredients and natural Hawaiian flavors, and individually wrapped to maintain its delicious oven-fresh quality. We package our cookies by hand in our unique signature packaging to ensure that each box can be presented as a treasured gift, from our Ohana to yours.

Company History

Honolulu Cookie Company started in 1998, entrepreneurs, Keith and Janet Sung decided to shift their business from creating souvenirs such as clocks, coffee mugs and Koa trays to creating premium shortbread cookies.

As an artist, Keith wanted to bake something unique—a cookie that represented the spirit of Aloha or Hawaiian hospitality. In addition to baking his cookies using island-inspired ingredients such as macadamia and mango found in his Hawaiian home, Keith decided to trademark his shortbread cookie with a unique pineapple-shape. The Honolulu Cookie as we now know it was born.

Initially, Keith and Janet’s cookies were only available through wholesale and direct marketing efforts. But the demand for the delicious shortbread cookies was so high that they decided to open retail stores, which opened for the general public on the island of Oahu. Today, there are 12 Honolulu Cookie Company retail stores in Hawaii, with more locations on the way.

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