Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee ShortbreadKona Coffee Shortbread Cookies, a Freshly Brewed Roast in Every Bite
The rich taste of Kona Coffee is known worldwide for its full-bodied flavor. Pairing this authentic island blend with our premium shortbread cookies makes for a truly unique Hawaiian treat baked fresh in Honolulu. Enjoy the Kona Coffee cookie with a full coffee bean baked in, White Chocolate Kona Coffee for a coffee-with-cream flavor, or the Dark Chocolate Kona Coffee cookie with its mix of a robust coffee with subtle sweetness.

  • To be called “Kona Coffee” - it must be grown along the southwest coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Kona Coffee flowers are called "Kona Snow" - The white flowers bloom in February & March, and the red fruit, or "cherries," are ripe in August!
  • Coffee has a ton of antioxidents - Good thing, as most people get more antioxidants from coffee than fruits and vegetables combined!