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Kona Kope Mini Tote (3 cookies)

Kona Kope Mini Tote (3 cookies)
Item #: 500441

About our cookie keiki - Kona Kope loves the beach and heads there after he does his homework to watch his little brother Man Go carve up da waves! Kona Kope is more laid back. He loves lounging on the beach, soaking up the rays and “chillin”. After a session in the waves, Man Go wakes up his brother so they can go home, eat dinner then go to sleep. Again, in Kona Kope’s case!

Our Kona Kope mini tote bag holds three delicious individually wrapped shortbread cookies in the shape and flavor of your choice. First select one of our 3 cookie shapes - Pineapple, Heart or #1. Then selected up to 3 flavors.

A minimum order of 50 totes is required. For heart and #1 shape cookies please allow approximately 3 weeks for your order to be shipped.

WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE - not available in retail stores

* * * Our three chocolate chip cookie flavors are only available in our heart shape and signature Pineapple Shape cookies. * * *

Box measures approximately 3.25" x 4.25" x 1.5"

Flavor 1:
Flavor 2:
Flavor 3:

Unit Price: $2.95


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