Pineapple Treasure Gift Tray with Aloha Ribbon

Pineapple Treasure Gift Tray with Aloha Ribbon


As the symbol of hospitality, it only makes sense that the pineapple is represented on all the gifts in our Pineapple Treasure Gift Tray. Few things can make you feel as welcome as an abundance of our full range of premium shortbread cookie flavors. The best part about giving this gift is that there’s enough so they’ll want to share! Included is a brown Aloha ribbon on a pearl green background ribbon to add that extra touch of care.

Products Included:
Pineapple Shape Box (Ultimate Collection) (21 Cookies, 16 Flavors)
Hawaiian Quilt Box Medium (16 Cookies, 8 Flavors)
Pineapple Tin (9 Cookies, 5 Flavors)
Mini Bites Snack Pack (approx 19-23 mini bite pieces)
Pineapple Ornament (3 Cookies, 3 Flavors)
Pineapple Wrap Box Ultimate Collection (16 Cookies, 16 Flavors)

Price: $100.00

Our signature pineapple is our promise to extend our hospitality to guests. When giving this gift, you’re making a grand gesture of welcoming and holding nothing back.

Ribbon Selection:
  • Brown Aloha Ribbon on Pearl Green Background Ribbon
15.5" x 12.25" x 4.75"
Additional Notes:
WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE - not available in retail stores