Lilikoi (passion fruit)

Lilikoi ShortbreadLilikoi Shortbread Cookies - Tart and Tangy Tropical Sweetness
Lilikoi, also known as "passion fruit", is actually a member of the berry family. Its inner fruit is very seedy and can be either soft or firm. In Hawaii, this sweet and tangy fruit is often used to make jams, syrups, butters, as well as other distinctive treats. We've incorporated it into our lilikoi shortbread cookie recipe to create a rich and delicious treat. The chewy fruit morsel baked into each cookie is accompanied by crisp shortbread for a truly unique premium shortbread cookie.

  • Lilikoi is the Hawaiian name for passion fruit - The tropical fruit was introduced to Hawaii from Australia in 1923
  • Lilikoi has a sweet and tart flavor - They grow on vines alongside beautiful, fragrant flowers
  • Lilikoi is a healthy treat - Fat free, cholesterol free, and low in calories, this delicious fruit is also rich in vitamins and minerals